Making a rose pendant

I think it’s time for another look at how I make my jewellery!  This time I’ll be taking you through the steps to make one of my brand new rose pendants.  You can click on any of the tiled images if you want to see them full size.

I start off by making the “web”, which will be crocheted inside a 21 mm sterling silver hoop.  This will provide the background for the roses, flowers and leaves to sit on.

I’m using Gütermann 100% cotton sewing thread, and a 0.5mm crochet hook (penny included to show scale!)



I chain a circle to begin, and start to stitch around it to form the centre of the web.

The second round of stitches is now completed ….


…… and I’m ready for the tricky part – crocheting this into the silver ring.

It’s quite hard to capture this on camera! But what I’m doing is stitching around my web pattern and every so often stiching around the hoop as well, to secure the thread inside it.

Here is is finished.


Now I need to sew in the ends.  I leave a long tail of thread which I will use later on to sew on the roses.


Now it’s time to make a rose.  For this I use the same 0.5mm hook but a slightly larger thread – I’m using DMC 100% cotton in size 80.  It took me many attempts and lots of discarded practice runs to come up with a rose pattern that I was happy with!


I begin by creating a chain and then crochet back along it, forming spaces where the rose petals will go.

Here I am starting off the petals.


Here is the completed rose once I have made all the petals.  It doesn’t look much like a rose at this point!


Now I need to roll it up …. this is fiddly and tricky and I actually find it harder than the crochet part!


All rolled up now and starting to look more like a rose!  Now I thread a needle and use the tail of the thread to sew through the different layers to secure it, so it doesn’t unravel again.

Here it is finished with the ends sewn in out of sight.


Now it’s time to make some other embellishments to go on the pendant ……

I’m going back to the finer Gütermann thread to create a teeny flat flower in blue.

I make another one in pink ……


Laying the wee flowers and the rose onto the web to see how I like it so far.  It’s looking good but I think it needs a leaf!


I’m using the Gütermann thread again in a darker shade of green to create a leaf embellishment.

The final step is to sew the roses, flowers and leaf onto the web.  I then hang the pendant on a sterling silver chain.

After taking these photos I actually decided that a dark pink rose I’d made earlier looked better with the other colours than the lilac one!  So I used that to create the final pendant – here it is!


You can see this pendant, and the rest of my Roses Collection, over on the Common Market website  🙂


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