Galloway Inspiration part 1 – Autumn pendants

As you’ll know if you’ve visited my “About” page, I feel a deep connection to the natural beauty here in Glentrool, and it’s the driving force behind my jewellery designs.

This will be the first post in a series where I go into a bit more detail about the inspiration behind my jewellery, and hopefully show you why I love Galloway so very much!

So, today I’m blogging about my autumn leaf pendants.  Yes, I know, it’s completely the wrong time of year – I really should be talking about my summer pendants but I’ve been making lots of leaves recently so they’re on my mind!

I’ve always loved autumn as a season, but when you live inside the UK’s largest forest park, it really becomes spectacular, an absolute riot of colours.   Last autumn we had one walk in particular that stands out in my memory, when we walked round Loch Trool on a really still day and saw all the stunning colours reflected in the water.  How amazing is this view? (Click the image to see a larger version).


There are lots of other reasons to love this time of year here too: the midges depart (hooray!), and the nights start to get longer so we get to see the stars again ….. here is another shot of Loch Trool, this time by night.

trool stars

When October arrives, the red deer stage their rut, which is always a great spectacle to watch.

10 roaring stag

Plus, as it gets colder, we get to use our log burner again, which I love and kind of miss in the summer!

So, all in all, autumn is pretty great.  It seems I’m not the only one to think so either, as I’ve been getting a lot of love for my autumn leaf pendants, especially since I started using semi-precious gemstones and copper/sterling silver findings – the natural glow and vibrant shades of these go so well with the colours of the leaves. (Again, click to view larger).


I’ve decided to make a series of images as banners to hang at craft fairs, and also to use as my business cards, showing some of my inspiration alongside my jewellery, so this week I sat down and with the help of my lovely husband who is much better with photoshop and indeed technology generally, we came up with this image.

RS Postcard front

I’m very pleased with it, and think it really shows off the glorious colours of autumn and how I try to capture these in my pendants.  The banner has been ordered, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this image looks blown up to A1 size!

The next job on my never-ending do list is to get these new leaf pendants photographed and up on my website ….. in the meantime just contact me if you want to buy one 🙂

Does anybody else have favourite season? ….. let me know in the comments!

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