Everyday Enchantment – Day 3

I’m getting in early this morning with my blogalong – my dad & stepmum are up visiting this week, so I’m off out shortly to visit Sweetheart Abbey with them – I love being a tourist when family & friends visit!

Day 3, following on from earth & air, is all about FIRE!  You can find the video here if you want to join me with today’s exercises.

Exercise 1 today was to connect to the heat of your body.  Ooh! I liked this!  As I said yesterday, I do the breathing thing quite a lot, but this for me was a new way to ground, centre and connect.  It feels like a good “time out” exercise when you are feeling a bit fragile or down – giving yourself some warmth, a gentle touch and some self love!  I can already see myself linking the three exercises we’ve covered so far – the pebble, the 3 deep breaths and this – for a little 2-minute ritual when I need a wee break or a boost.

Exercise 2 was to use candles or fire to connect with the energy of fire.  This is something I do very often!  I may have mentioned previously that I adore our logburner 🙂  We use it to heat our water and to run radiators that heat our whole house.   It makes me very happy that we heat our house in a carbon-neutral way.  It also makes me feel much more connected to the earth and to nature than when I lived in a house with gas central heating.  We burn wood from our local forest that my husband collects, chainsaws and splits himself (yes, it’s all legal, honest) – we use scavenged wood left behind by the commercial timber merchants here, which would otherwise be left to rot.  The picture below shows our lovely logburner, one of our many many wood stores (our garden is basically a timber yard now!) and a nice pile of logs next to our trailer.


We have lived here for two and a half years now, but I still take joy from the sight of the flames in the burner, and I hope I always will!  Sometimes I make a morning ritual of it – I light the fire, then get my first coffee of the day and sit with it, sipping my coffee while watching the flames.  I find I can watch them for ages without getting bored – there’s so many different colours, different types of wood burn in different ways (I know a lot more about types of hardwood and softwood than I used to!) plus you get to feel the wonderful warmth and listen to the lovely crackling noise, I just love it 🙂

Exercise 3 was to draw a fire doodle.  As we’re moving into spring & summer we don’t actually have our burner on every day at the moment – so I’ve not done this yet! But I will get my sketchbook out and give it a go next time we light the fire.

Another lovely set of simple and quick exercises to add some magic to your day – thank you Jani! If you like the sound of this head over to see the full Everyday Enchantment course, which kicks off on June 1st.


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