Everyday Enchantment – Day 2

Just a quickie today – I’ve been out enjoying the glorious sunshine and we are going round to friends later this evening, so I have a wee 15-minute window for today’s exercises!

I think this is one of the beautiful things about Jani‘s e-courses – she gives you bite sized chunks that you can easily fit into your day!

Watch day 2 video here if you want to join in!

Here’s my take on today’s 3 exercises …..

1) Taking 3 deep breaths.  Oh, yes, Jani, this is a fantastic exercise.  Since the new year I’ve being trying to put aside time to meditate every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, and I’ve mostly been succeeding in sticking to it.  So I’m a big fan of deep breathing and focusing on your breath.  I like Jani’s idea of using it more often throughout the day though – it definitely centres me and brings me back to myself.  So simple, so quick, but can really make a difference to your day – which is the whole idea of Everyday Enchantment, I guess!

2) Take a wind bath.  Oh, how I love the phrase “wind bath”, it will be added to my vocabulary! It’s funny that Jani suggests this because a few weeks ago I was out walking with my husband on a windy day and I just had the urge to take my hair out of its pony tail and let it blow all around my face.  WOW it felt amazing.  I spent years and years worried about my appearance, not wanting the car windows open cos it would mess up my hair …. these days I am too busy enjoying life to be bothered! Bring on the messy hair I say, life is too short!  Letting the wind whip around you and blow your hair around is highly recommended and I will be doing it often!

3) Breath in 3 things and out 3 things.  I very much liked this exercise.  Again, it really helped to ground and centre me and made me feel great.  Here were my three things:

I breathe in joy, I breathe out fear.
I breathe in love, I breathe out dislike.
I breathe in calm, I breathe out anxiety.

Lovely stuff, looking forward to day 3!


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