Everyday Enchantment – Day 1

Those of you who follow me on facebook, or know me in the real world will know that I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of Jani Franck‘s e-courses.  It all started back in January 2013 when I did her free course “unearth your creative nature”.  I followed this up with “Blooming Creative” and now I’m thrilled to be part of her small mentoring group “The Forge”.  It’s really no exaggeration to say that doing these courses has changed my life – they have helped me get more in touch with my creativity, given me confidence in myself as an artist, helped me launch Red Squirrel Crafts, and just generally made my life more …. well, enchanted is a good word actually!

So I was very excited to see the launch of her new course, Everyday Enchantment and plan to join in with this one too.  Jani has a very down to earth tutoring style which resonates well with me – and I’m a big believer in the idea of everyday enchantment – finding the beauty and the joy in small things, everyday.  So I think I will really get a lot out of this course.

Anyway, prior to the actual course launching on 1 June, Jani is doing a free mini course this week and I have decided to “blogalong” with her and others about it.  Did I mention this mini-course is free? …. so I highly recommend giving it a try – Day 1 is here.

So, after that lengthy introduction, allow me to cut to the actual blogalong part!  Here’s my take on Jani’s first three exercises (watch the video if you don’t know what I’m on about!).

1) Using a stone or pebble for grounding.  I’m using this pebble for this exercise:


It’s not an actual stone pebble, it’s a wood pebble.  I think it works really well for me for this exercise, though.  It has been made from local wood and hand pyrographed by my lovely friend Iona.  Plus, I absolutely love the quote: it means a lot to me because back when I was an accountant I actually used to have to sit in board-meeting-type-things where people used corporate jargon like “think outside the box” and “unique selling point” and “integrated solutions” …. bleurgh!  Whereas now, I spend a lot of time outdoors and absolutely zero time in such mind-numbing, soul-destroying meetings – this makes me happy 🙂  So, when I saw this wee wood pebble I felt an instant connection to it.  Now it sits on my desk, where I work as I make my jewellery, and reminds me to put my crochet hook down and get outside very frequently!

2) Go barefoot.  Yep, I already do this a lot.  I hate wearing shoes.  Whenever possible I walk in my nike frees and even for hill walking I wear fairly minimalist shoes – I much prefer getting wet feet over wearing heavy, clunky boots.  I’ve been looking into “barefoot” shoes for hill walking, would love to hear recommendations if anyone has them …. I’d wear my frees, but they just don’t have enough grip on the soles for walking through muddy, wet areas.   I must confess, the climate in Scotland does not encourage me to ACTUALLY BE BAREFOOT outside too often …. but I hereby resolve to try it when I’m out and about.

3) Twenty words that link to earth or grounding … ok here are mine, in a pure stream of consciousness!

earth, ground, warm, real, mud, connected, roots, tree, leaf, soil, natural, simple, happy, trees, green, nurture, growth, life, circle, seeds.

Well that was a good start …. looking forward to day 2 tomorrow!


One thought on “Everyday Enchantment – Day 1

  1. Love the wood pebble – absolutely perfect 🙂 As I recorded the bit about barefoot I did think of you, up in chilly Scotland, where going barefoot is pretty hardcore. Thanks for sharing your Day 1!

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