Reasons I love Glentrool

So, if you’ve been hanging about this blog or my website, you’ll have noticed I have something of a love affair with where I live.  So I thought I would share a recent day out with you, so you can see why I love it here so much!

We’ve been really busy recently, between one thing and another: lots of craft fairs to make stock for and various other stuff going on.  So on Sunday, after two fun but hectic days at the gorgeous Lochinch craft fair, when I woke up and saw the sun peeking through the trees, I decided we were due a day off to get outside and enjoy ourselves.

So, we headed out to the Loch Trool Trail.  This is a lovely 6 mile-ish walk around, well, surprisingly enough, Loch Trool.

It was a stunning autumn day, frosty, blue skies overhead, the leaves glowing gold and red and brown in the trees.   Galloway at it’s best!  We headed out on the walk round the loch and even though I see these views all the time, today they took my breath away all over again.  The day was so still that the loch was like a mirror, reflecting all those stunning autumn colours.  I felt so blessed to live here, with all this beauty on my doorstep.

IMG_7435IMG_7518 real edited smallloch troool

The start of this trail is a mere three miles from our house.  How incredibly lucky am I?

So we had a lovely, leisurely walk round the trail enjoying the scenery, and the peace and quiet: we only saw two other people on the walk.  Another thing I love about Galloway: it’s kind of off the beaten track as far as tourists are concerned, so even on a fabulous sunny Sunday you see very few other people on your travels!

We got home around lunchtime, but our dogs had not yet been walked;  at 12 years of age they’re a bit old and arthritic for 6 miles hikes – a couple of miles a day does them these days.  So I headed out again with the pooches, this time on foot straight from our front door and up the path towards the White Cairn which leads from the back of our village.   I headed up to one of my favourite viewpoints, this one 5 minutes walk from our house, where you can see the tops of the Galloway Hills over the trees.
Here’s a pic of my “wee dugs” waiting patiently while I take photos .  That’s Neo on the left and Eddie on the right.  Aren’t they adorable?  I love them to bits 🙂

From the viewpoint we walked through the woodland, and as the sun glinted through the trees, it looked like the magical enchanted forest that it is!
The rest of the short walk brought me and the pups round onto the road back to the village, where again there are gorgeous views of the mountains.  When we moved here and started to get to know the area, I was entranced by the exotic sounding names for the mountains – the Dungeons, the Rhinns of Kells, Rig of the Jarkness, to name a few –  and resolved to learn the names of the mountains by sight.  I’m getting there now, and easily recognise the ones we see frequently.

IMG_7589aIn this photo from left to right you can see four of the “Range of the Awful Hand” (is that a great name or what!): Shalloch, Tarfessock, Kirriereoch and Benyellary.  The peak closest, with a radio mast on top which you can just see in the picture, is Bennan.

IMG_7585aIn this photo from left to right: Mulldonoch – famous as the spot where Robert the Bruce and his followers rolled stones down to defeat the English in 1307 – , Lamachan, Craignaw (the one with forest in the foreground), and Larg.


Heh, get me with my local knowledge!  I guess it shows how much this place has captured my heart: I lived in Southampton for over 30 years and never really knew much about the city – other than the fact that the Titanic left from there!

So, there you go – a small sample of the wonders of Glentrool, all within a few miles of my house!  But shhhhhhhh, don’t tell too many people, we like it peaceful and quiet here 🙂


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